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2023 CCL Showcase Schedule


The Cascade Collegiate League announced the addition of six games with the bend bucks to the 2023 showcase team schedule, featuring 7 matchups against west coast league teams as part of a new 30-game season.

"We are thrilled to start hosting ccl showcase games - Half of our games will be at Olympic Stadium in 2023. We believe in upward mobility and creating a challenging environment for growth and development across the board."  -CCL Commissioner, Ben Krueger

featured WCL exhibition games include:

2 games vs. the Walla Walla Sweets (6/12 & 7/3)
1 game vs. the Bellingham Bells (6/18)
1 Game vs. the Corvallis Knights (6/23)
1 game vs. the Springfield drifters (7/10)
2 games vs. the Yakima valley pippins (7/11 & 7/17)

The 2023 regular season will kick off this summer at olympic stadium in hoquiam, wa where all six affiliates will compete on weekends in june and july.

built from standout players from across all Cascade league affiliates, the CCL Showcase TEam provides an even higher level of competition with direct exposure to West Coast League general management and field staff in their home stadiums. the Cascade Collegiate League Showcase Team has promoted 35 Players to West Coast League affiliates since 2018.

"We are thrilled to further expand our strong relationship with the west coast league and their fan bases. These organizations have long been proponents of our league - Our relationship is invaluable for all involved." -CCL Commissioner, Ben Krueger


Q - Who manages the CCL Showcase Team?

A - The CCL Showcase Team is managed by ben Krueger (Yakima valley CC Head Coach) and Managers from all CCL Affiliates.

Q - How do I make the CCL Showcase Roster?
A - The CCL Showcase Roster is selected by the ccl front office from feedback given by ccl managers. The dynamic nature of the roster allows Players to move up and down on a game-by-game basis for multiple reasons including but not limited to: Performance, pitch count, positional need(s), travel proximity, etc. 

Q - How is the opening day CCL Showcase Travel Roster selected before the CCL Season has even started?
A - The Opening Day CCL Showcase Roster is selected by the ccl front office using college coaches' referrals and players' spring performance as a primary base of reference.

Q - How many players will typically travel for each team?
A - The CCL Showcase Team will generally carry 25 players, including 10 pitchers for each road trip. 
Q - Is it possible to play exclusively on the cCL showcase Team?
A - Yes. The 2023 CCL Showcase Team will include CCL Showcase Only rostered players. Those interested are invited to apply using the link below.

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35 CCL Call-Ups since 2018

35 CCL players have been called up by west coast league clubs since 2019.

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