2020 CCL Showcase Team Schedule 3-30 edi

In addition to regular season play, the Cascade Collegiate League SHowcase Team will play an 18-game schedule in 2020.  built from standout players from across all CCL affiliates, the CCL Showcase TEam provides an even higher level of competition with direct exposure to West Coast League general management and field staff in their home stadiums. the Cascade Collegiate League Showcase Team promoted 16 CCL Players to West Coast League affiliates in 2019.

All CCL players are eligible for the CCL Showcase Team and there is no additional cost associated with dual-rostering on the team. Travel accommodations are often provided for players and coaches traveling on the CCL Showcase Team at no additional cost.  Players and staff return back to their CCL affiliates following each CCL SHowcase Contest and the roster for the following game or series is announced publicly at least 48 hours in advance of first pitch.


Q - Who manages the CCL Showcase Team?

A - The CCL Showcase Team is managed by members of the CCL Front Office and Managers and assistants from all CCL Affiliates.

Q - How do I make the CCL Showcase Roster?
A - The CCL Showcase Roster is selected by the ccl front office from feedback given by ccl managers and assistants. The dynamic nature of the roster allows Players to move up and down on a game-by-game basis for multiple reasons including but not limited to: Performance, pitch count, positional need(s), travel proximity, etc. 

Q - How is the opening day CCL Showcase Travel Roster selected before the CCL Season has even started?
A - The Opening Day CCL Showcase Roster is selected by the ccl front office using players' spring performance for their collegiate teams as a primary base of reference.

Q - How many players will typically travel for each team?

A - The CCL Showcase Team will generally carry 25 players, including 10 pitchers for each road trip. 

Q - Where do we stay on the road?

A - The CCL Showcase Team coordinates with Exhibition opponents to provide hotel accommodations in the city of play for all CCL Showcase Players and Coaches. Players will stay (4) to a room with rooming assignments provided by the CCL Front Office. There is no cost to players for these accommodations.

Q - How will weekend CCL pitch counts be impacted for players rostered to pitch on the CCL SHowcase Team at the front or back half of the week?

A - The CCL Front Office coordinates directly with the rostered CCL Showcase Players and their CCL Managers to ensure pitchers who are probable to pitch for the CCL SHowcase Team have reduced mound responsibility during CCL weekend play to account for this added workload.

Q - What Happens if a West Coast League affiliate presents me with a player contract following a CCL SHowcase Game?

A - The CCL Front Office coordinates directly with the rostered CCL player, their manager and the General Manager and/or Head Coach of the West Coast League affiliate presenting the offer to formalize player on-boarding in a timely and professional manner. 

Q - How frequently do CCL Players accept offers to play for other collegiate teams/leagues during or following the CCL Season?

A - The CCL Front Office sent 16 CCL Showcase Players to West Coast League affiliates in 2019 and fully supports players pursuing the highest level of summer collegiate baseball as possible.

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